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The expansion at the new location had become possible because TÜV Nord acquired the shares of the previous joint venture partner – and is now the sole owner of the laboratory. “This is an important strategic step, because it allows us to further expand our services for the photovoltaic industry in the most important manufacturing country and provide extensive testing capacities for our customers,” emphasises Alexander Ohff, Head of the Renewable Energies Division at TÜV Nord. The inspectors are thus strengthening the global solar business, which they are currently developing in several Asian countries as well as in the Middle East, South America and Europe.

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The main offerings include all qualification tests and certifications for photovoltaic modules and components. This also includes tests for mechanical stress, for salt spray corrosion or electrical tests of inverters. Managing Director Angella Xu is continuing to drive forward the expansion of the testing portfolio with her strengthened team, TÜV Nord announced. (nhp/mfo)

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