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In this context, IBC Solar AB and the German IBC Solar are parting ways by mutual agreement. As of March 20 2024 IBC Solar AB in Sweden will operate under a new company name.

Founded in 2018, Swedish IBC SolarAB acted as an authorized dealer for German IBC Solar AG and predominantly focused on the wholesale solar business. This was soon followed by expansion into the private customer segment. Over the years, the successful cooperation has consolidated the position of both companies as important players in the Swedish PV market and further strengthened their commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The partnership between IBC Solar AB and IBC Solar has contributed significantly to the installation of large PV systems throughout Sweden.

Long-term cooperation with Solkompaniet

As of March 20 both companies will operate as separate, independent companies. IBC Solar AG will sell goods and services directly to installation partners in Sweden. However, IBC Solar AG will continue to have a long-term cooperation with the mother company of the IBC Solar AB, Solkompaniet, to ensure a stable and dynamic presence on the Swedish solar market.

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Patrik Danz, CSO IBC Solar Group, including also the Sales unit Sweden, expresses gratitude: “We would like to thank all IBC Solar AB employees for their trusting cooperation over the past few years, we are eagerly following the path forward for our company and are excited about our direct entry into this thriving market.”

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Thomas Sparrmo, CEO of Solkompaniet, mother company of IBC Solar AB, adds: “Market development promises exciting new opportunities for both our companies. Solkompaniet is looking forward to announcing the new company name for our wholesale business shortly.” (hcn)