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The Solar Solutions trade fair in Düsseldorf got off to a strong start. With the start of the trade fair at 9 a.m. yesterday, Wednesday, the public streamed into the halls. Solar installers in particular were looking to make contact with wholesalers and manufacturers of components for the solar energy transition.

Around 220 exhibitors presented themselves in two halls. They cover the complete range of photovoltaics and sector coupling. With two halls, the trade fair is easily manageable. Visitors quickly come into direct contact with the exhibitors – deals are struck and discussions are held. Although the trade fair was held in Düsseldorf, many visitors came across the border, especially from the Netherlands, to find out more.

List of exhibitors in Düsseldorf

Solar alternative: Powerstick fits into the module frame

Some innovative new products were also on show. For example, Solarnative presented the world’s smallest micro inverter, which fits into the module frame. Classic module inverters are mounted on the back of the module on the frame. Solarnative’s Powerstick disappears completely into the frame and remains invisible.

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Thanks to the HF technology, this inverter is very effective and offers numerous additional functions such as emergency shutdown or monitoring. The Intelligate can actually be used to build larger, three-phase systems. Because Mikto inverters convert the DC voltage directly at the module into AC, they have fewer system losses than systems with conventional string connection and string inverters.

AE Solar: Terra solar modules with new cell layout

The new solar modules from AE Solar are also clever. The layout of the cells in the Terra bifacial glass-glass module has been changed. They have been rotated by 90 degrees and now lie with their long side along the long side of the module. This significantly reduces cell breakage under very high wind loads or heavy snow, as the cells adapt better to the bending line.

AE Solar also presented solar modules in which each cell is protected by its own bypass diodes. In this way, the modules are immune to partial shading and the dreaded hotspots.

A live demonstration of mounting systems in the exhibition hall

Heiko Schwarzburger

A live demonstration of mounting systems in the exhibition hall

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Hoymiles: Quadro micro inverters connect four modules

Hoymiles brought single-phase and three-phase module inverters to the trade fair. They are supplied as a simple variant for a single solar module (single) or as a duo variant for two modules. A new addition is a quadro variant that can connect four modules via a micro inverter.

Ecoflow: Premiere of the Power Ocean DC fit storage battery

There was even a première at the trade fair: Ecoflow presented the Power Ocean DC fit storage system for retrofitting. The battery does not have its own inverter. It is connected to the string via a DC-DC controller and then routed to the DC input of the existing inverter.

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In this way, the inverters from the grid feed can continue to be used when the system is converted to self-consumption. A sensor on the smart meter controls the storage operation in accordance with the customer’s electricity demand.

Trade fair gains a firm place in the calendar

Similar crowds are expected on the second day of the fair. This is good news, because Solar Solutions in Düsseldorf has the potential to become a firm fixture in the diaries of regional trade companies. NRW is the most populous federal state, and the demand for solar systems of all sizes is correspondingly high. (HS/mfo)