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Panasonic offers tradesmen the opportunity to contact the company’s service department via video. If the tradesman is at a loss, Panasonic’s service staff can, for example, analyse faults, examine the appliance or actually see problems – almost as if they were on site. Online support via video can be started by the tradesman using his laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Since the video support is browser-based, there is no need to download any special software. Panasonic uses the IFS Remote Assistance technology for this purpose.

Giving precise instructions in the video

Together with the tradesman, the service employee can quickly discuss the best course of action with the tradesman. Using so-called merged reality, Panasonic service staff can also link into the video sequences sent by the technician on site and use their own hands to show exactly what needs to be done.

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Actually, even the use of tools can be demonstrated virtually. With this video communication, the service team can also clarify more complex questions very quickly. This simplifies and speeds up the installation, commissioning or repair process, Panasonic emphasises.

Instructions guide through the installation

In addition to direct video communication, tradesmen and service staff at Panasonic can also exchange operating instructions in text form, audio files and video instructions via the platform. In this way, Panasonic employees quickly provide suitable instructions or tutorials after looking at the problem. These guide the craftsman step-by-step through the installation or troubleshooting process. (su/mfo)

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