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This year, the trade fair in Munich is bursting at the seams. The solar industry is growing, as are the suppliers of storage units, charging technology and solutions for sector coupling. The day-to-day worries and hardships of installers are only marginally illuminated – unfortunately.

Putting the trade in the spotlight

That is why the leading trade media photovoltaik, pv Europe, Gebäude-Energieberater and Erneuerbare Energien are launching a new series of events to coincide with the Fair. The expert meeting at our stand B1.109 will focus on the installing trade and the practitioners of the energy transition.

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It is true that the industry will be making its products available. However, the systems can only be installed on the roofs of solar customers and in their cellars if the skilled tradesmen have sufficient capacity and liquidity. The installers are the partners of the solar customers, in the private and in the commercial segment.

Ensuring the quality of systems

On the first day of the fair (14 June 2023), the focus will be on the quality of the installation and the components. We will discuss common faults and analyse how various manufacturers deal with defects. These include brittle back foils or faulty contacting of bypass diodes. In addition, we present clever solutions to quickly include ownerless existing installations in the maintenance business.

Growing capital requirements of companies

On the second day of the fair (15 June 2023), the focus will be on the capital needs of installation companies. They are suffering from considerable growing pains, desperately looking for employees and reliable suppliers. The product range is broadening, which increases the requirements for pre-financing the purchase of goods.

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In addition, they have to pre-finance the value-added tax, which can no longer be passed on to solar customers since January 2023. Thus, the business risks are growing and forward-looking management is becoming increasingly important. The capital requirements are also increasing for the installation companies.

Participation is free of charge

The expert discussions will take place at our exhibition stand B1.109, located directly at the entrance to Storage Hall B1. Participation is free of charge. After the exchange of experiences with our guests, the microphone belongs to our visitors.

Because with us you are allowed to ask your questions. Get in touch with our editors and experienced practitioners from the industry. The energy transition brings a lot of work for the skilled trades. Functions that need to be managed professionally.

The expert meetings at a glance

Wednesday, 14 June 2023: Quality of installations and components

11am: Jörn Menke (Adler Solar) on the quality of PV installations (moderated by Herbert Grab & Heiko Schwarzburger, photovoltaik)

12pm: Matthias Diehl (PV-Büro) on brittle backsheets and other serial defects of solar modules

1pm: Klaus Terlinden/Oliver Lenckowski (Solartektor) on troubleshooting with laser technology

2pm: Guy Schaaf (Socomec) on solar storage systems (moderated by Joachim Berner, Gebäude-Energieberater)

3pm: Alina Möbius (Intilion) on hybrid power plants and their importance for the energy transition (moderated by Nicole Weinhold, Erneuerbare Energien)

Thursday, 15 June 2023: Growing capital needs of the solar industry

11am: Gerard Scheper (European Solar): Financing PV projects – what matters from an investor’s point of view? (moderated by Hans-Christoph Neidlein, pv Europe, in English)

12pm: Christian von Staudt (Steinbeis M&A) on capital requirements of installation companies (moderated by Herbert Grab & Heiko Schwarzburger, photovoltaik)

1pm: David Muggli/Sebastian Poensgen (Priogo AG Zülpich) on growth strategies of large installation companies

2pm: Ralf Haselhuhn (DGS Berlin) on balcony solar systems (moderated by Joachim Berner, Gebäude-Energieberater)

3pm: Peter Meisenbacher (Sterr-Kölln) on challenges and help for public utilities and municipalities in the energy transition (moderated by Nicole Weinhold, Erneuerbare Energien)

We look forward to your visit and the professional exchange: We’ll be talking shop – with practitioners on the ground.

Would you like a free ticket for your visit to the experts’ meeting? No problem: go to the ticket shop of the fair and enter this promo code: photovoltaik.eu_2023. A total of 600 free tickets have been reserved for our visitors. Of course: first come, first served! (HS/mfo)