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Urban PV was the centre of attention at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona at the beginning of November 2023. Gridparity presented innovative solutions for urban spaces at the stand of the Bavarian joint venture. “The trade fair is a perfect fit for us,” confirms Eva Muhle, Director of Marketing at Gridparity. “Our goal is to develop visions and concepts for a liveable city and to inspire partners to do the same.”

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Seamless integration of photovoltaics

Innovative solutions such as canopies for car parks, bike ports or rest areas are already being implemented. Shade zones can also be created in public areas such as schoolyards, outdoor swimming pools, playgrounds and roof gardens.

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In Barcelona, Gridparity used immediately realisable examples to show how solar technology can be integrated aesthetically and efficiently into the urban landscape. Semi-transparent roofed areas not only provide cooling and thus protection from heat or bad weather, but also supply clean electricity – in other words: economic income.

Aesthetic, modern and clever

This is not only aesthetic, but also modern and quite clever: “Some of our visions are already being planned and implemented,” explains Dr Erich Merkle, CEO of Gridparity. “We are not sticking with the status quo, but are developing further ideas. The high quality of our products and services always remains the benchmark. During development, we make sure that we fulfil our ISO certification and can offer a 25-year warranty on our products.”

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Gridparity uses industrially available components to offer customers the most cost-effective prices possible. Refinancing takes place within a reasonable period of time through the decentralised use of solar power. (HS/mfo)

You can find more information about Urban-PV here.