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The partnership between LONGi and the UNHCR will begin with a pilot project at the Regional Humanitarian Logistics Hub at the Termez Cargo Centre in Uzbekistan, which handles the rapid delivery of core relief items to countries across the region.

“When we visited the Logistics Hub in Termez with UNHCR in November, we saw first-hand the sheer magnitude of the supply work that UNHCR undertakes to serve refugees and displaced people across Asia,” said Dennis She, Vice President of LONGi.

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2024 will also see the provision of solar systems and solutions to support public facilities used by refugees and host communities in Pakistan to ensure safe and reliable energy that allows these communities to study, work and run their own businesses. LONGi will also work on giving refugee and host communities solar energy skills training.

A three-year partnership

The issue of energy inequality directly affects economic development and the quality of people’s lives. Fortunately, photovoltaic solutions are now becoming one of the most economical sources of electricity in many parts of the world.

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Bolstering environmental protection as part of the boarder partnership, LONGi will also support afforestation activities in Uzbekistan from 2024, to reduce environmental hazards and mitigate the impacts of extreme weather while providing income generation and employment opportunities for refugees and host communities. The three-year partnership is expected to benefit numerous countries where UNHCR implements its climate action work. (mfo)