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As part of the asset deal, the Hering Group has acquired the entire site of the photovoltaic manufacturer in Kitzingen in northern Bavaria, including the production facilities and inventory. The construction company also acquired the intellectual property, trademark rights and patents of Asca GmbH, which was renamed Asca GmbH & Co. KG as part of the liquidation by the Armor Group and the new takeover.

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Asca GmbH previously belonged to the Armor Group, which is headquartered in Nantes, France. The manufacturer, which specialises in thin-film coating, will continue to produce semi-finished OPV products for Asca. The Asca team in Kitzingen, which has been almost completely taken over by Hering, will continue to take care of technological development. In addition, the company will in future manufacture all OPV products for customers in Germany and abroad in Bavaria. In addition to the architecture and construction industry, Asca’s solutions are particularly appealing to companies in the mobility and mobility infrastructure, product design, electronics, art and fashion sectors.

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The Asca modules are based on organic semiconductor materials. Hering now wants to gradually expand the site in Kitzingen and identify potential synergies in the product and construction sectors. This could include projects with railway companies, local authorities and private customers, for example. (nhp/mfo)