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In the foreground is the Silk Nova range, featuring high-efficiency modules based on the n-type technology. This range includes standard 144-half-cut cell modules (580 W and 22.4% efficiency) and the new bifacial n-type Silk Nova Duetto. With its 144 half-cut cells, the latter has a power ranging between 565 and 580 W.

Moreover, FuturaSun will showcase its latest innovation, Silk Nova Colour, coloured photovoltaic modules, which are successfully applied even to the architecture world. These Orange, Red, Silk, or Green modules have 108 cells reaching power just under 400 W and can be seamlessly integrated into historic and modern buildings.

New modules for high snowloads and new three-phase hybrid inverter

FuturaSun will also present Zebra Pro, high-efficiency back contact modules with 132 IBC n-type half-cut cells, assembled with an innovative layout of cells with reduced spacing, ensuring superior performance and durability.

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Moreover, the company will expose its new Silk Rhino modules, certified at the TüV Nord laboratories to withstand 45 mm hailstones at 108 km/h. These modules have thicker glass panes and two additional profiles on the back to improve mechanical stability, especially in the presence of high snow loads.

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FuturaSun will also present its new Optor Tri, a three-phase hybrid inverter designed to ensure an efficient system with less heat dissipation, thanks to its 48V battery.

This year, FuturaSun, OffgridSun, and Solertix will attend a trade fair as a Group for the first time. OffgridSun specialises in off-grid photovoltaic solutions, developing projects that generate certified carbon credits. Solertix is a Rome-based start-up involved in cutting-edge research on perovskite solar cell technology and its upscaling for industrial applications. These members of the FuturaSun family prove the group’s commitment to exploring new solar energy horizons. (hcn)