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Photovoltaics on farmland: Until now, this has been a big red rag. But the wind has changed. Many farmers have realized that building solar panels on their land no longer prevents food production. On the contrary. Dual use has plenty of advantages, for both sides. Farmers can get a second source of income from solar power production. In turn, solar planners and photovoltaic installers have more land available to develop projects.

The technologies and business models are in place, even if the concept is still not quite out of its infancy. Find out in the new special on photovoltaics in agriculture what the technical options are and what benefits photovoltaics also has for the water balance of the soil. You’ll also find advice on investment opportunities in dual-use land.

The Special Edition is available for you to download free of charge. You can also take a look at our other Special Editions which deal with the use of solar power on farms.