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With its subsidiary Klimavest, German Bank Commerzbank’s investment department is entering the financing of agriphotovoltaic plants. The first project in which Commerz Real is investing is being built near Berlin.

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The new generator will go into operation in 2025 and achieve an output of a whopping 50 megawatts. This will enable it to produce electricity for around 19,000 households. The plant is being developed and built by Elysium Solar, a joint venture between the Zurich-based project developer EIC Partners and the Berlin-based consultancy LBD.

Further projects announced

Elysium Solar will also build at least two more agri-photovoltaic plants in Germany with financing from Klimavest, Commerz Real has already announced. This is because the major bank wants to establish itself in the segment of dual use of agricultural land for food and electricity production. “In the meantime, there are attractive investment opportunities in Germany in this growing segment, which we are now opening up for our investors,” says Yves-Maurice Radwan, Head of Green Deal Infrastructure at Commerz Real.

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Tracker plant makes farming even more feasible

In the first joint project between Elysium Solar and Commerz Real, a plant is being built that tracks the modules on trackers to the sun. However, the module tables can also be rotated manually in such a way that agricultural use continues to be possible almost without restriction, even with large machines between the module rows. (su/mfo)

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