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The 40-megawatt PV power plant is being built on an area of 50 hectares in the Arad region. 68,302 high-performance photovoltaic modules, each with an output of 590 watts, will produce green electricity for almost 25,000 households. Commissioning is planned for the fall of next year. An Austrian partnership with Raiffeisen Bank International has been concluded to finance the project.

A contract for the construction of the plant was concluded with the EPC company SolarPro, which won the public tender. Preparations for construction already began in July.

The PV project was developed together with the Banat Agri Group and the international FRAPAG group of companies based in Austria.

Horia marks the start of the expansion of the Romanian pipeline. CCE currently already has project rights for a total nominal output of 980 MW in Romania. A total of ten plants are in various stages of project development.

EU funding – PNRR Program

The first contracts under the European Union’s National Resilience and Renewal Program (PNRR) were signed by Romania’s Energy Minister Virgil Popescu in mid-August. CCE’s Horia project was successful in the first round of funded projects and can now expect funding of almost 3 million euros.

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The funding from the EU under the PNRR will not only help to strengthen Romania’s energy independence, but will also make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. Romania aims to increase its share of renewable energy by 7 GW to 30.7% by 2030. “Romania is very committed to the expansion of renewable energies and is well above the European average in its efforts. A very good grid structure and the will to accelerate the transformation to green electricity make Romania an ideal market for us. We are pleased to be able to accompany this process,” says Johannes Srajer, Managing Director of CCE Romania. (hcn)