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As the world faces unprecedented energy and climate challenges, it is more important than ever to avoid energy dependencies. In 2005, German companies were world market leaders in the production of solar modules. In contrast, more than 50% of PV modules are currently imported from Asia and there are critical gaps in the supply chain in Germany and Europe. Re-establishing the entire PV industry in Europe is a top priority. The study aims to make a significant contribution to achieving this goal.

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The “Libertas” study is funded by the BMWK and is included in the catalogue of measures to strengthen transformation technologies for the energy transition. The authors are a consortium of representatives from the European mechanical engineering industry VDMA e.V., the developers of solar factories RCT Solutions GmbH and the industry-related research institution ISC Konstanz e.V. However, other stakeholders are invited to participate in the study. To this end, a questionnaire will first be prepared and an extensive workshop will be held during the Intersolar trade fair. Interested stakeholders can obtain further information at

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The aim is to re-establish relevant PV manufacturing in Germany and Europe. The study will work out how the entire ecosystem of manufacturing, mechanical engineering, supply chain, research institutes as well as qualified personnel can be fully established in the shortest possible time. In addition to competitive and innovative products, sustainable, CO2-neutral manufacturing will also be considered. (mfo)